Saturday, April 10, 2010

CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2010

Eeri Jeremiah

Freelance Photographer, 24

ha... korang mampu tercalon dlm catogery mcm nieh?! hanya yg macho, ensem mcm aku je yang mampu... masalahnye, macho, ensem ke aku nieh?! yang ado jerk!!.. hahha ... ade ku kisah?! yang penting... CONFIDENT!!!! betol x?! anyway... aku tetap nak menggedix mcm akak aku, kodokmanja post entry yg dalam MASKULIN, section WANITA PILIHAN. But, for me... i just want to tell uols a lil' bit about me... Hyper-hot Hunks as CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2010... very the verangan entry kali nieh... hahahha...

1) Fave Famous Couple:
Mr & Mrs Smith

2) Favorite Virtue:
Patience, Loyalty, Kind

3) Favorite Motto:
i just witness, captured and illustrate every single moment all around me with my point of view!!!

4) Favorite word:

5) Childhood Ambition:

6) Childhood Memory
Falling into the drain in front of my barrack with my younger sister and a bicycle... hahahha

7) Which is scariest?! : empty wallet, receding hairline , or commitment?!

8) What makes you cry:
everything that make me in tears

9) What makes you scared:
a small space or area.. coz I'm claustrophobia

10) What did you learn for today
never trust a people just like "L,E,L,A"

11) The last book you read:
Reaching for the Stars

12) What would you be tittle of your autobiography book:
Eeri In The Middle - ironically and literally because i'm in the middle

13) If you a cheated by a girl, do you think you deserve a second chance :
No way man, i don't want banana cook twice... hahahaha..

14) Happiness is:
when you conquer life and myself without thinking whatever people said about me!!!

I have been nominated by all, i impressed you guys and here i am, one of the "most wanted" men in the country, presented over the whole blog. If you like me, don't forget to vote for me!! Can you take the heat?!


cindir-rela said...

camne nak vote eeri???

Eskapisminda said...

fuh! tak boleh belah! :D kongratz!

eeri jeremiah ivanovic said...

nie stock berangan je kak intan...