Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my Fav Book ever...

After 50 years of independence, Malaysia successfully sends one of her sons to space, and the word Angkasawan is accepted as synonymous with the word Cosmonaut and Astronaut. Reaching for the Stars is a poignant memoir revealing a brother's love and unabashed admiration for his elder brother, the Angkasawan – a Malaysian hero.It is an up-close and personal account with many never-seen-before pictures. Truly inspirational and packed with emotional power, this book unveils the supportive roles played by family members and the everlasting bond between brothers.A true story about glory and tragedy.Reaching for the Stars is about the Angkasawan's commitment to achieve his ambition of becoming an astronaut left behind by his late younger brother, Sheik Mustapha Shukor Al-Masrie, 32, also known as Ajil, who went into coma and passed away after knocking into a pillar outside a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.This book is one of my favorite book between other book on my book shelf... I still read on it... not once.. but many2 time since i bought it last year... admire on him... and want to be like him too... hopefully... hehehhe

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